Owens Corning - InterWrap
Clive Mills - Sales Director
2650 Fassitt Road, Bldg. #200
North Charleston, SC 29406
TEL: 262-389-0695
2650 Fassitt Road, Bldg. #200
North Charleson, SC 29406
EMAIL: Clive.Mills@owenscorning.com

InterWrap® is the largest supplier of coated woven wrap to the Engineered Wood Industry. It's custom-printed WeatherPro™ packaging products are designed to maintain product integrity throughout transportation, inspection and storage of sawn lumber, plywood, OSB, all types of beams, I-Joists and composite wood products. InterWrap is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer of innovative coated woven products serving a wide variety of markets. Consistent product quality is achieved by using state-of-the-art equipment along with a strong commitment to partnership with our customers, employees, and suppliers. InterWrap's global supply chain efficiency is achieved by our strategic manufacturing and distribution centers located throughout North America, Asia & Europe.

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