Metriguard Technologies Inc.
Dan Uskoski - VP Sales

2465 NE Hopkins Court
Pullman, WA 99163
TEL: 509-332-7526
FAX: 509-332-0485

2465 NE Hopkins Court
Pullman, WA 99163

High-speed Metriguard veneer graders operate in LVL and structural plywood mills worldwide. Laboratories depend on Metriguard Panel Bending & Performance Testers to evaluate structural panels. The new Model 840 tests OSB used as I-joist web stock. For MSR/MEL lumber producers, Metriguard offers the Model 7200 for longitudinal installations and the Sonic Lumber Grader for transverse installation – both are compatible with scanners. The Model 312 Bending Proof Tester is a standard in MSR QC labs. With over 40 years in the engineered wood products business, Metriguard has the knowledge and equipment for grading and testing structural veneer, panels and lumber.

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