ProChem Inc
David Martin - VP of Technology

5100 Enterprise Drive
Elliston, VA 24087
TEL: 5403808527

5100 Enterprise Drive
Elliston, VA 24087

ProChem, Inc. provides water treatment chemicals, equipment, service, and optional O&M services to the engineered woods market. CleanWESPTM is the treatment program offered to lower overall operational costs, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance, and extend media life. The CleanWESPTM process removes TSS from the recirculation water to provide cleaner water to the WESPs as well as oxidizing systems (RTO, RCO or Bio Oxidizers). Benefits of the program include: extending RTO media life by up to 4 times, maintenance costs reduced by 80%, production increase by 20+%. For more CleanWESPTM information visit or for case studies.

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