Flamex, Inc.
Ed Pridgen - Vice President
4365 Federal Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410
TEL: 336-299-2933
FAX: 336-299-2944
4365 Federal Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410-8116
EMAIL: epridgen@sparkdetection.com

Flamex Inc. is a leading supplier of customized industrial process fire prevention and protection equipment. We specialize in the protection of facilities that handle combustible dusts that utilize pneumatic dust collection and air filtration systems. To address the process fire hazard inherent in various industrial applications, our company pioneered the utilization of a new technology in North America by introducing the FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System in 1977 and the MINIFOG PressProtect System in 1997 for the protection of Industrial Presses. The flexibility of these systems allows their use in other hazardous areas such as Thermal and Hydraulic oil rooms where AFFF Foam Fire Fighting systems can be utilized for further protection.

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