Engineered Wood Journal


Engineered Wood Journal is an advertising-supported publication produced by EWTA twice a year and distributed free of charge to North American engineered wood product manufacturers; their product, equipment and service providers; and others with a stake or interest in the industry, including academia, analysts, consultants and other industry associations. The Journal covers a wide range of subjects of interest to the engineered wood products industry, including processing trends and innovations, research and development issues, marketing challenges and opportunities, technical developments, quality assurance trends, certification and regulatory developments, safety and health, and other topics.



This 90-page issue features:

  • Current 2021 EWTA Member Directory
  • Feature articles:
    • New APA president insights
    • Industry contributions through research and testing
    • Homebuilding leads U.S. economy out of recession
    • Identifying USDA certified biobased products
    • 2021 Supplier Award candidates
    • APA Safety Awards
  • Industry, association and member news
  • Advertiser links