Fagus GreCon, Inc.
Todd Havican -

648-A Griffith Road
Charlotte, NC 28217
TEL: 704-912-0000
FAX: 704-973-9733

648-A Griffith Road
Charlotte, NC 28217
EMAIL: sales@grecon.us

Since 1911, Innovation is Our Tradition. MEASURING SYSTEMS: Improves your bottom line. Check out the full range of in-line measuring systems: thickness gauges, blow & delamination detector, moisture meters, raw density profile. Weight per unit area across the whole production width at the mat former and after the press. Detect surface defects on d├ęcor panels and flooring. SPARK DETECTION & EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS: Provides safety for your production. Detect sparks and extinguish them before the filter. Detect heat buildup in silos, bag houses and storage bins. Outlined in NFPA 69, 654 and 664 standards. Factory Mutual Approved.

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