Chuck Morrison - Corporate Sales Manager

3831 Kimwell Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
TEL: 336-712-2437

3831 Kimwell Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

SonicAire is a progressive air-engineering firm that eliminates the problems with combustible dust through its line of SonicAireĀ® fans. SonicAire Systems apply our proprietary and innovative BarrierAireā„¢ technology, which delivers enterprise-wide continuous clean through robotic engineering design. Products create high velocity and high mass airflow to create an overhead barrier preventing combustible particles from accumulating on steel structures, pipes, ducts and process equipment. Solutions include an engineered and customized plan for every application since factories AND fugitive particles vary by the materials processed. Contact SonicAire Sales support at 336-712-2437.

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