SparTek Industries
Mike Cook - CEO
2221 North Argyle
Portland, OR 97217
TEL: 503-283-4749
FAX: 503-289-1621
2221 North Argyle
Portland, OR 97217

SparTek Industries manufactures high quality machinery with the latest cutting edge technology for many industries including Plywood, LVL, Rubber and others. Today's high volume Plywood production Lay-Up Lines place an emphasis on efficiency. SparTek's lay-up lines, Hot and Cold Presses, Loading and Unloading equipment, Glue Application systems and other equipment are designed to meet these demands. Helping customers meet and exceed their production and operating goals is a driving force at SparTek. We are here to help you meet your goals and to do so requires innovative technology and machines designed to work at the highest operating speeds.

Industry Sectors

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Equipment & Tooling
Custom Equipment/Tooling
Hydraulics/Hydraulic Systems
LVL, Laminate & Other EWP Equipment
Panel Production Equipment
Presses and Press Lines
Resin Application Equipment/Spray Lines
Materials & Supplies
Replacement Parts and Supplies