Biomass Engineering & Equipment - Veneer Services, LLC
Dane Floyd - President and CEO
5851 S. Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46217
TEL: 317-346-0711
5851 S. Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46217

We build profitable machine solutions based upon better engineering. We take pride in the fact that our machines run reliably with minimum operating costs - yielding you the greatest efficiency and profits. Every prototype machine ever built is running today. We were the first and still the only company to build a voice activated veneer bundle grading line. We developed the most accurate debarker/planer system ever built and then we built a fully automated butt flare reducer to go with it. Our veneer chipper is proven to use less energy and produce better chips. Our veneer machine rebuilds have allowed our customers to improve profits while saving them as much as 50% over the price of a new machine.

Industry Sectors

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Equipment & Tooling
Accessory Tools/Equipment
Custom Equipment/Tooling
LVL, Laminate & Other EWP Equipment
Material Handling Equipment
Panel Production Equipment
Presses and Press Lines
Primary Processing Equipment
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Veneer Processing and Drying