Radian Robotics
Shayne Baker - Quality Manager
70 Lancing Drive

Hamilton, ON L8W 3A1
TEL: 905-639-7370
70 Lancing Drive

Hamilton, ON L8W 3A1
EMAIL: sbaker@radianrobotics.com

Radian Robotics is a turn-key provider of Quality driven, Automated Material Handling systems for the OSB and Plywood industries. We focus on Safety, Reliability and strong Customer relations, ensuring that all Customer Needs are met before, during and after, final installation. From initial Quotation to system Support and Service, Radian Robotics delivers prompt, Quality solutions.

Industry Sectors

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Equipment & Tooling
Labeling/Marking/Bar Coding
Material Handling Equipment
Panel Handling Equipment
Wrapping, Strapping and Packaging
Wax/Material Application Systems