Koch Knight, LLC
Matt Thayer - VP Sales and Marketing

5385 Orchard View Drive SE
East Canton , OH 44730
TEL: 330-488-1651 x210

PO Box 30070
East Canton, OH 44730
EMAIL: matthew.thayer@kochknight.com

A domestic manufacturer and global leader of ceramic media for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO). Our media is designed to work in normal to your most challenging application environments. A mixed bed of our FLEXERAMIC® structured media and LPD® random media offers optimal heat transfer and full bed utilization while our GR (Glazed Resistant Alumina) material is produced for OSB Dryer and other applications for the wood products industry. We manufacture our ceramic media domestically and stock over 100,000 cubic feet at our East Canton, Ohio facility at any given time to accommodate current and future customers for quick response and short lead times.