Hashimoto Denki Company, Ltd.
George Mori - General Manager
5-1-17 Shinden-Cho

Takahama-City, Aichi 444-1301
TEL: +81-566-53-6902
5-1-17 Shinden-Cho

Takahama-City, Aichi 444-1301
EMAIL: mori-j@hdk-co.com

Hashimoto Denki Company, Ltd was established in 1946 in Nagoya, Japan, the Japanese woodworking machinery capital. Our company specializes in manufacturing machinery for high-efficient and value-added plywood and veneer production, ranging from veneer lathe lines to panel sizing lines. We offer machinery for total plant operation of veneer, plywood and LVL, serving the worldwide marketplace.

Industry Sectors

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Equipment & Tooling
Panel Production Equipment
Primary Processing Equipment
Veneer Processing and Drying