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2018 Supplier Awards Voting Open!

Ballots for the 2018 EWTA Supplier Awards are landing in the APA members' inboxes Monday October 8th. Members will be voting on Innovation of the Year and Supplier of the Year. All EWTA members are eligible for the Supplier of the Year. There are four Innovation of the Year award entries found here: 



EWTA 2017 APA Award Winners

EWTA’s Supplier Awards Program is one way EWTA members can gain recognition by APA member firms. Included in the program are the Supplier of the Year Awards, which honored three EWTA members this year, and the Innovation of the Year award, which recognized two winners in a tie. All award winners are selected by votes of APA member representatives.

The Supplier of the Year Awards are based on the quality, service and delivery of EWTA member products and services to APA member companies. Awards are presented for each of EWTA’s membership categories: Equipment and Tooling, Materials and Supplies, and Consulting and Services.

The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes new products or services offered by EWTA members that have demonstrated a positive impact in the field.

Winners of the Supplier of the Year awards were honored during an awards ceremony at the APA Annual Meeting and will also be featured prominently in the spring 2018 issue of the Engineered Wood Journal.

APA members can expect to receive their Supplier Award ballots in the fall of 2018.


Equipment/Tooling Category:






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Innovation of the Year:




Vacuum Feeder Peel Cups

Submitted By: Sweed Machinery

Visit the Sweed website HERE


Sweed's new Vacuum Feeder Peel Cups are an exclusive design, utilizing a patent-pending approach for gripping and feeding green veneer into the dryer.  This method dramatically reduces feeding multiple veneer sheets, commonly known as “doubles.”  It also reduces labor and allows for more consistent moisture content levels resulting in increased dryer efficiency.  Traditional dryer feeders have vacuum cups that pick the veneer straight up while keeping the sheet flat. The downside of this design is the cup can inadvertently lift multiple sheets at one time, causing double feeds. When a double occurs, the operator must intervene and separate the sheets.  With today’s dryer speeds and throughput requirements, this becomes a near impossible task, resulting in decreased productivity, efficiency, and out of spec veneer moisture levels.  Sweed's new Peel Cups lift the sheet from the outside edges first, then pull it into the dryer tipple feeder. The Peel Cups' lifting process mimics an operator's efforts to separate two sheets from one another if they become stuck.  The emulated process of the cup occurs mechanically, therefore not requiring assistance from the operator.  This allows for faster feed speeds and reduced operator fatigue.  Sweed’s new patent-pending Vacuum Feeder Peel Cups are a revolutionary design—made for today’s high-speed veneer dryers, for the highest performing dryer infeed in the world, Sweed.

Contact: Kevin Gordon

Phone: 541-855-1512

Benefit #1: Dramatically reduces feeding multiple veneer sheets, commonly known as “doubles.”

Benefit #2: Reduces labor & allows for more consistent moisture content levels resulting in increased dryer efficiency.

Measurable Results: Reduces double-feeds by more than 70%.





Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Press

Submitted By: USNR

Visit the USNR website HERE


USNR’s new modular press for the manufacture of cross laminated timber panels features key design elements that make it a great choice for those entering the emerging North American CLT market.  A key difference in USNR’s press is the use of compressed air instead of hydraulics. The panels are assembled using between three to seven layers of cross-laid timbers. Adhesive is applied between the layers prior to the panel entering the press.  This press follows a “window frame” design consisting of 20 identical steel frames spaced 18” apart, with each frame having an opening (or “window”) which allows CLT panels to pass through the press. Once the panel has been fed into the press via a set of pop-up rolls, it comes to rest on platens within the press opening.  A set of pneumatic cylinders then applies pressure from the sides to ensure minimal gaps between core materials within a given layer. Meanwhile, a set of channels carrying 8 large diameter pneumatic hoses is lowered to rest on top of the CLT panel. Once the panel is configured correctly within the window of the press, the 8 hoses are brought to pressure (typically to 100-150 psi). Press time depends largely on the time it takes to lay-up the panel, with a ratio of approximately 2.5:1 (press time to lay-up time).  The unique curvature of USNR’s press opening allows it to redistribute the stresses and withstand the tremendous pressures required to produce APA-certified CLT panels. While most CLT presses utilize hydraulic cylinders to achieve the necessary pressures, the USNR press applies pressure pneumatically instead.  This method is robust, extremely cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly than the hydraulic alternative. An additional advantage to the USNR design is its modularity – it can easily be modified to any desired length by simply adding or removing window frame segments.

Contact: Sam Pope

Phone: 360-225-8267

Benefit #1: Modular design can expand as the mill grows to accommodate market needs in cost effective way.

Benefit #2: Uses compressed air instead of hydraulics for an enviro friendly design that reduces contaminants.

Measurable Results: One customer has already expanded the length of their press as their CLT business has grown.


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A. CMA's 100% Man Safe Guillotine Goggle Gate - Submitted By: CMA engineering Inc.
B. METAL SHARK BIG PBA - Submitted By: Connexus Industries Inc.
C. New IMEAS Model Sander - EVOL - Sanding Evolution - Submitted By: IMEAS
D. AC Veneer Clipper- Submitted By: Raute Canada Ltd.
E. P2 Patching System - Submitted By: Raute Canada Ltd.
F. Dry Random Veneer Stacker - Submitted By: Raute Canada Ltd.
G. Dryer Infeed "Smart Pause" Technology - Submitted By: Sweed Machinery
H. Vacuum Feeder Peel Cups - Submitted By: Sweed Machinery
I. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) - Press Submitted By: USNR

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