Supplier Awards Program

The EWTA Supplier Awards Program is designed to recognize EWTA member companies that excel in serving their APA member manufacturer customers and in developing innovative solutions to processing problems and challenges.  The program consists of two components:  the Supplier of the Year Awards and the Innovation of the Year Award.  All EWTA member companies in good standing are eligible to participate in the program and to win awards. 


Supplier of the Year

The Supplier of the Year Awards are based on the quality and delivery of EWTA member products, equipment and/or services supplied to APA members, as determined by a vote of APA mill managers.  Awards are presented in each of EWTA’s three membership categories:  Equipment/Tooling, Materials/Supplies, and Consulting/Services.  Web-based ballots are sent electronically to all APA mill managers for voting. 

Innovation of the Year Award

The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes a company providing new technology, product, or service that has been shown to demonstrably reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve product quality or in some other way provide a bottom-line benefit to APA members.  Entries submitted by EWTA members are posted for review on the EWTA website.  Web-based ballots are then sent to all APA mill managers for voting.