2020 Innovation of the Year

The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes a company providing new technology, product, or service that has been shown to demonstrably reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve product quality or in some other way provide a bottom-line benefit to APA members.  Entries submitted by EWTA members are posted for review on the EWTA website.  Web-based ballots are then sent to all APA mill managers for voting. 


Fagus GreCon 3D ParticleView


3D ParticleView

Date of First Use:
July 2020

Benefit 1: Reduction of material loss in the screening process due to early changes of the ring flaker

Benefit 2: Reduction of glue usage by providing better control over the number of fine particles

Results: Exact reporting of the length, width, and height of the wood particles


Description: The 3D ParticleView is a measuring unit that assesses the wood particle quality. The particles are taken from the process downstream of the knife ring flaker and are placed in the particle view. The unit will use a patented laser line and camera to measure the length, width and thickness of each particle.

The particle thickness is an important parameter for the physical characteristics of finished particleboards. The ratio of particle surface to volume is the most important variable in glue application. The surface and volume of the particle both depend on the adjustment of the knife ring flaker and these variables can change as the knife ring takes on normal wear and tear.

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