Innovation of the Year

2019 Innovation of the Year Winner: 







KTC Industrial with Nova Robotics

A high-temperature OSB Press Repair Robot capable of repairing press dents by welding and grinding. Presses accumulate wear and require regular maintenance, but it is rarely economical to schedule a full maintenance shutdown for minor repairs. Human labor cannot be performed on or around a hot press. As a result, maintenance is deferred to infrequent, often annual intervals during large scheduled maintenance shutdowns. This limitation frequently results in the decision to continue plant operation even though board quality and output are diminished. Robots can be sent into a press and perform work immediately and at full press temperature. Platen surface damage due to rocks and metal debris may now be corrected immediately after it occurs. It is no longer necessary to defer necessary work to scheduled cold shutdowns. Costly maintenance may now be performed as required to restore full operational performance while improving safety by keeping people out of a dangerous environment.

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EWTA's Supplier Awards Program is one-way EWTA members can gain recognition by APA member firms. Included in the program are the Supplier of the Year Awards, which honored three EWTA members this year, and the Innovation of the Year award, which recognized one winner. All award winners are selected by votes of APA member representatives.

The Supplier of the Year Awards are based on the quality, service and delivery of EWTA member products and services to APA member companies. Awards are presented for each of EWTA’s membership categories: Equipment and Tooling, Materials and Supplies, and Consulting and Services.

The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes new products or services offered by EWTA members that have demonstrated a positive impact in the field.