Innovation of the Year

The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes a company providing new technology, product, or service that has been shown to demonstrably reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve product quality or in some other way provide a bottom-line benefit to APA members.  Each fall, entries submitted by EWTA members are posted for review on the EWTA website and web-based ballots are sent to all APA mill managers for voting. The award is presented at APA's Annual Meeting and featured in the Spring Engineered Wood Journal and EWTA social media sites.


2022 Innovation of the Year Entry


2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner















HP600+ Resin System

Date of First Use:
January 2021

Benefit 1: Reduces hot press cycle times by 5% to 15% on average, increasing mill throughput and reducing unit production costs on press-bound constructions.

Benefit 2: Reduces adhesive spread rates by 8% to 15% on average, reducing applied adhesive costs and incrementally improving tolerance to elevated veneer moisture content.

Results: Several mills have converted to the Arclin HP600+ technology so far in 2021. Those mills, including business captured from competitors, on average have recognized a panel throughput improvement of 9.8% with a glue spread rate reduction of 8.0%, all while sustaining or improving on-grade.


Description: The HP600+ technology combines our Fast Cure Resin System and Low Spread Technologies to produce a “super resin” that significantly reduces spread rates and hot press cycle times, all without a corresponding reduction in dryout tolerance. The HP600+ technology is the proven plywood and LVL market leader in performance.

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