The 2014 Innovation of the Year Entries

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Energy Management Information System by ADM Systems Engineering Ltd.

Description: ADM worked together with our client Flakeboard to develop a product design and execution approach.  Metering requirements were determined and specified.  The two main electrical transformers at the mill are sub-metered by approximately 40 power quality meters. In addition, fourteen oil meters, seven gas meters, and more meters for water and compressed air were added in and combined with production rates, temperatures, and other factors used to determine the overall performance of each EAC.

Once developed and implemented, targets were developed for each of Flakeboard’s 48 Energy Account Centres (EACs) so that operators and managers can understand their goals and measure achievements.

Tying the entire system together is RtEMIS, which divides the company into corporate, site, department, and EAC so that it can illustrate detailed energy targets for each EAC and identify saving and losses, both in dollars as well as energy.

Using RtEMIS, each user is able to get a near real-time snapshot of day-to-day energy consumption,

relative achievement of targets, how much energy has been used, and the cost or savings that have been realized. The data is pulled from each PLC or HMI station and brought together into one interface, which can be accessed from any site via RtEMIS’ web client.

ADM has worked with many clients over the years to scope, plan and implement similar systems to meet their needs.  We offer solutions from Energy Audit to System Adoption.

Date of first deployment: January 2010

Benefit 1: Energy Savings

Benefit 2: Process Optimization

Results: 6.6% reduction in energy consumption and 1.2MW demand, totalling $953,279 in three (3) years.

For additional questions or information, please contact the company directly:

Contact: Stephen Fyffe


Phone: 506-216-9251 ext. 210


Forward Integration by AkzoNobel Wood Adhesives

Description: Forward Integration replaces old generic mixing charts and estimations used in the manufacturing of laminated beams, decking and CLT panels. It measures the board temperature, planned assembly time and estimated pressing time to calculate the mix ratio and/or spread rate for optimal production parameters.

The press time optimizer decreases pressing time while maintaining the safety margin set by the operator. Shorter pressing times lead to lower power consumption and high productivity form existing labor schedules.

The glue amount optimizer sets the system for optimum glue savings while reducing waste through lower squeeze out. Combine this with our separate ribbon spreader and glue waste is virtually eliminated.

The safety guard provides real time monitoring of the gluing parameters for each board in the assembly. The gluing parameters can be logged and tagged with the plant identification of each assembly for thorough quality control documentation.

Date of first deployment: September 2012

Benefit 1: Continuous glue parameter safety monitoring and application control

Benefit 2: Reduced glue spread and waste vs. traditional application methods

Results: up to 15% reduction in overall glue consumption/unit produced

For additional questions or information, please contact the company directly:

Contact: Brian K Tolley


Phone: 336-801-0805


MPERIA: Performance Controlled Marking & Coding by Matthews Marking Systems

Description: MPERIA not only controls various print technologies and either single or multiple production lines, but it can be controlled on-site or via remote access, making changeovers simple. It also:

- Connects with peripheral devices like vision systems, bar code scanners, HMI and PLC’s.

- Simplifies product labeling/identifying, changeover and setup from one central location.

-Imports databases into message construction

-Uses bar code scanner to select print job files.

-Utilizes remote access capability for remote supporting of equipment.

- Has an ethernet distributed printing system. Simple connections using common protocols and hardware.

Date of first deployment: Varies per print head technology

Benefit 1: Total control of multiple production lines and print technologies to reduce coding errors; scalable solution

Benefit 2: Seamless integration with MPP/ERP and WMS systems

Results: Simplified production by controlling 2 printers at once

For additional questions or information, please contact the company directly:

Contact: Lyndsey Farrow


Phone: 412-665-2536


Easy Shift Synchronous Control by USNR

Description: Precise and  synchronously metering large volumes of oil to the press main cylinders improves product quality, increases production volume and creates  a safer work place. Accurately metering large volume of oil flow and delivering simultaneously to each of the four pre-fill valves for the main cylinders provides control of the bottom platen vertical  movement, that was previously impossible  both in the opening and closing of the press.

Easy Shift delivers:

1) precise flow of oil despite temperature induced change in viscosity

2) precise flow of oil despite lapse in hydraulic hygiene and oil contamination due to mechanical wear

3) precise pressure, no hydraulic overshoot or significant pressure spikes

4)  a control system that obsoletes  dash-pots located underneath the press and the means to digitally trim from the control room

5) a safer and cleaner work environment by removing much of the previously  required press pipe and  eliminating leaks caused by ruptured pipe fittings

Precise shifting of the press pre-fill valves eliminates inadvertent  hydraulic  stress imposed previously on press columns, crowns and bottom platens. Significantly reducing premature structural failure and unplanned outage events.

Date of first deployment: April 2013

Benefit 1: Better Quality Board Product

Benefit 2: Increased Production: 10-15 second reduction in a nominal 180 second press cycle-8% more production

Results: Four APA OSB member mills have upgraded to Easy Shift Control

For additional questions or information, please contact the company directly:

Contact: Alan Knokey


Phone: 360-841-6363